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Prices & Trails..

A trail is considerered a very important part of the preparation for your special day, it allows me to get to know you and get an idea of what you like and dont like in terms of how you wear your hair.  


For this reason the beginning part always starts with a consultation, in which we will talk through a number of different styles and then try out a few favorite's to find which one best suits. This means a trail can take anything between 1.5 -3 hours in the comfort of your own home. Detailed notes are taken as well as photo’s so I can replicate the same style.


Going forward we can then talk about your bridal party hair styles and  we can discuss timings for your day to give you an idea on how it all will run, smoothly as ill take into account timings of your make-up etc to ensure everything is timed perfectly.

 Once you are happy with your hair trial a on-refundable booking fee of £40 will then be taken to secure your wedding day in my diary. 

Trials are preferably held midweek either your home address or if you needed to come to my address if you live further out, but we can discuss that at the time of booking.

♡Padding/donuts are inclusive

♡Clip-In extensions available to BUY- Price on Application

♡Travel charges
Prices include 20 miles round trip from my home address, additional mileage on top will be discussed.


Trails:                                                            Wedding Day:


Bride                                                 £50​              Bride:                                         £80

Bridesmaids (over 8)                    £40              Bridemaids (over 8)                £50

Bridemaids (under 8)                   £25              Bridesmaids (under 8)           £25

Additional bridal party                 £40              Additonal bridal party           £50


Blowdrys short/ long                    £25/£30     Blowdrys short/long              £35/£40

On the day, I like to always ensure my brides that you will have the best service possible when booking with me for your special day . I like to allow enough time for you and your bridal party so there is no feeling of being rushed. Aswell as then allowing that extra piece of time at the end once all is dressed incase of any last minute tweeks. So that meaning I wont just leave once all hair is up I like to be there till the time for you to set off. 


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